Fees and Contact

As I’m still training and in the process of building up my experience I’m not charging clients hundreds or thousands of pounds for coaching. Please contact me using the below form to enquire about my current pricing.

What’s on offer right now?

  • General support for anyone feeling overwhelmed with issues and looking to unpick some of these
  • Support for those frustrated with their behavioural patterns – perhaps you keep making decisions that are taking you round in circles and you’re ready to break that cycle
  • Support with relationships and communication. Do you and your partner argue a lot and struggle to communicate effectively? Does everything that person does drive you crazy and you want to learn how to overcome feelings of frustration? Are you regularly falling out with a friend and you can’t work out why?
  • Support for those struggling with weight loss and healthy eating. If you’re fed up with people telling you to just eat less and exercise more and you want to delve deeper into your eating habits and work on changing them.

Getting in touch
If you’re interested in coaching sessions or have any questions you’d like to put to me, please fill in your details using the contact form below and I’ll get back to you shortly.

Please note: A brief phone call will always be arranged prior to any coaching for me to gain an understanding of what you’re looking for and for both parties to determine whether we are suited to working together.

It’s likely for the foreseeable future that Zoom chats will replace face-to-face coaching sessions, however I am open to social distance meet ups for anyone reasonably local to me. I’m based in South East London.