Rosie Oct 21

About Me

My name is Rosie Sanger, I’m based in London and I’m offering one-to-one life coaching either online or face-to-face (where possible). I’ve always enjoyed helping people and consider myself to be a very honest and straightforward person. If you’re looking for someone who will listen and really take the time to tune into how you’re feeling, whilst opening you up to new ways of thinking and different perspectives, that’s me. If you’re ready to start working towards a goal let’s do this! If you’re looking for help with data analysis or equations, I’m not your woman.

My professional background

I have a rather varied background having gained a Business Degree in my early 20’s, going on to work in the advertising industry for around eight years. I then completed a PGCE (teaching qualification) at Goldsmiths, University of London – and more recently have been working as an Office Manager and a Life Coach. The key skills I’ve carried with me through my various roles are my attention to detail, my ‘get stuff done’ attitude and my strong organisational and communication skills.

Voluntary Work

For three years I volunteered on a helpline, offering emotional support and signposting to young people, a role where I received extensive training to support callers with a whole host of issues including those around housing, relationships, education, careers, mental health, abuse and suicide. After some of the calls I took during this period, I can tell you now, nothing phases me.

Since December 2019 I have been volunteering as a Mentor through Friendship Works/Family Action, supporting a young care leaver with the aim of helping that individual develop social and practical skills and build meaningful and healthy relationships.

Life Coaching/Personal Development

I have spent a number of years working on my own personal development, as well as learning specifically about life coaching. The journey never ends and any good Life Coach will tell you that they are always learning and honing their skills.

I completed The Landmark Forum Course and follow-up seminars with Landmark some years ago, which was my first real step into the world of personal development and I have since completed the following introductory life coaching courses:

  • Foundation in Life Coaching Course (The Coaching Academy)
  • The NLP Foundation Course (Toby & Kate McCartney)
  • Transformational Coaching Introductory Course (Animas).

I have also completed a CPD and IAP Accredited introductory Counselling course, gaining a Certificate in Counselling Essentials from Global Edulink.

Some complementary life lessons from me to you:

  • Trying to be eternally optimistic is not only unachievable and unhealthy – it’s also irritating for people around you, don’t do it
  • Most of the demons in your head are just a result of you spinning ‘stories’. Once you start to recognise this and become more conscious of your thoughts you’ll see the world very differently
  • On the whole people aren’t bad, they’re fearful. We do ugly things when we’re scared. Looking at yourself (I mean really looking at yourself) is scary at first because you’ll find things you don’t like, but there are so many rewards to doing this. It will change you forever, for the better
  • Finally, remember to laugh and be a bit silly sometimes. Life is incredibly serious much of the time.