How vulnerable are you prepared to be?

A while back I watched an inspiring documentary on Netflix entitled Brene Brown: The Call to Courage. I didn’t recognise the name so I looked her up. Brene Brown is a Research Professor and best-selling Author from the US, she works at the University of Houston and for two decades has studied empathy, courage, shame and vulnerability. Having watched the documentary I should add that she’s an incredible public speaker – engaging, funny and likeable.

In the documentary she talks about the content of a TED Talk she was invited to give at TedxHouston; where she went a little off-piste with her content. Rather than giving one of her usual, more academic and well-rehearsed presentations she talked about her personal experiences of vulnerability and what she’d learnt from them. Essentially the message was this, you cannot be courageous without being vulnerable. Period. The more I consider this the more this makes sense to me. If you want big results you’ve got to be prepared to take big action, despite the self-doubt and potential judgement or criticism from others. I’ve put myself out there as a direct result of what I’ve learnt from this film and have started to experience the rewards of doing this.

I won’t give anymore away as I think you’ll get much more from watching it for yourselves, so please do!

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